What to Expect From the NJIT Data Science and Analytics Bootcamp

NJIT has launched an online Data Science and Analytics Bootcamp to help anyone interested in pursuing a tech career or pivoting from a different field become a data professional in less than one year. Here, we’ll break down how the bootcamp will help you achieve your goals and the specific benefits of enrolling in this program. 

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What is a Bootcamp?

Bootcamps have grown in popularity for a good reason—they’re a practical approach to adult learning that allows one to hone in on a specific skill set. While bootcamps, in general, may operate with the same ethos of quickly upskilling or reskilling individuals, this one, in particular, has a unique approach to adult learning, knowledge transfer and professional development.

Traditionally, bootcamps tend to be short, intensive training programs focusing on one specific skill or career path. They have become a welcome alternative to traditional degrees for their relative accessibility and flexibility.

What Makes NJIT Different From Other Bootcamps?

The NJIT Data Science Analytics Bootcamp offers online training in both data science and data analytics to deepen your knowledge of the field and allow you to expand your career opportunities, regardless of your level of experience. 

While the average length of other bootcamps is just 6 weeks, the NJIT part-time program spans ten months. It offers learners of all levels the practical knowledge and mentorship they need to build the necessary hands-on experience via online weekend and evening classes

In addition to training with active data professionals who bring their expertise to each class, you will also receive personalized support to ensure your success throughout the course and when entering the workforce.

Can I Benefit From a Bootcamp as a Beginner?

Yes! While our bootcamp is great for individuals with IT experience looking to upskill, beginners with no experience can also benefit. You’ll start your training from day one, learning the fundamentals and gaining a deep understanding of what to expect from a career in data science and analytics. 

Keep Life in Balance

With part-time classes on evenings and weekends, you don’t have to compromise your current job, social life or familial commitments. Train with professionals and keep your day job to minimize the stress of changing careers.

A New Career in 10 Months

A career change might seem time-consuming, but you can be confident that you’re gaining real-world skills for the data science and analytics job you want. Learning surface-level skills with free online courses is always an option, but committing to a program that fosters job-ready skills and connects you with potential employers will be the best investment you can make for yourself.

Our advanced teaching methodologies ensure comprehension and valuable training to give you the highest return on your investment:

  • Synchronous, virtual, live classrooms
  • Online Q&A with instructors
  • Updated library of recorded sessions
  • Extended virtual office hours
  • Project-based challenges

No Experience? No Problem!

Many consider tech jobs as reserved for the tech-obsessed; however, data science is a diverse field with opportunity for anyone who seeks it. Whether you have worked in tech before, or are transitioning from a non-digital job, this comprehensive, beginner-friendly program makes a tech career possible for people of all skill levels and talents. 

What is the Introductory Course?

Investing in yourself is necessary for growth, but you don’t always know what to expect from a new venture. That’s why our Introductory Course is the best way to protect your investment!  

Here’s what you can expect from this course:

  • 30 hours of online training with active data professionals
  • Introduction to core topics and computing basics
  • Explore scripting and Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Get a taste for the data science and analytics field
  • Gain a realistic expectation of the careers you can pursue
  • Get a feel for the learning environment to see if it suits you

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How the Bootcamp Ensures Your Success

Learning online may come with its challenges, especially if you’re taking on an entirely new skill set. With a strong focus on learner success, we put several measures in place to make sure you’re keeping up with the material and getting access to the resources you need to break into the data analytics industry successfully.

Student Success Managers

Student Success Managers (SSMs) provide a personalized learning experience and help you manage any challenges you may face throughout the program. From the start of the bootcamp, an SSM will guide you along, keep you accountable and provide additional resources you may need. 

Career Services

Our career services are not provided via a third-party agency. Our very own experts take the time to teach you how to present yourself and your new skills to employers with one-on-one career service workshops throughout the course. Workshops include polishing your resume, LinkedIn profile and preparing you to interview with our hiring partners. 

What Will I Get Out of the Bootcamp?

We understand the time and financial investment one makes in their future is a serious choice. That’s why we focus heavily on your success. Here are just a few things you can expect from our Data Science and Analytics Bootcamp. 

Job Placement Assistance 

Building on the hands-on training and market-driven curriculum, bootcamp learners gain access to job boards and hiring partners via career services. While we cannot guarantee job placement, you can be sure that our team will help and prepare you to confidently face the job hunt.

Study for Industry Certifications

Certifications are not always mandatory for specific roles, but they are a great way to make yourself stand out as a proficient professional in your field. The curriculum is not built to prepare you for certification exams specifically, but you’ll collect the technical knowledge that will help you study for three popular data science and analytics certifications: 

  • Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate
  • IBM Data Science Professional Certificate
  • IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate

Live, Expert-Led Classes

Our curriculum is developed and taught by data science and analytics experts so you can gain the knowledge and skills that can only come from years of experience in a matter of months. Obtain insights into the industry from those who live it every day!

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Interactive Online Learning

The bootcamp is offered online on evenings and weekends, giving you the flexibility to learn from home or anywhere with a stable internet connection. Learners get an interactive and immersive experience that allows them to practice theoretical, technical and practical techniques from day one.

Portfolio Building 

Each section of the course ends with a milestone project that will culminate in a professional portfolio. Regardless of your experience coming into the program, each learner will be able to showcase a portfolio of complex data science and analytics projects upon completion. 

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How Can I Enroll?

Classes start on a rolling basis. The best way to enroll is to get in contact with our admissions team for more information on cohort start dates, tuition and what you’ll need to get started. Fill out the form below to schedule your call today or give us a call at (973) 688-5050.

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