Cyber Student Spotlight: Raul Guevarez

Deciding on the NJIT Cybersecurity Bootcamp

NJIT Cybersecurity Professional Bootcamp learner, Raul Guevarez, decided to upgrade his skill set and pursue a career in cybersecurity earlier this year. His background in a related technology field led him to the world of information security. Currently excelling in the extended program, Raul continues to inspire his classmates and his instructors with his tenacity and dedication to the program.



We interviewed Raul Guevarez to learn why he chose the NJIT Cybersecurity Professional Bootcamp and his overall impression of the program. As someone with preexisting knowledge in the field, Raul was able to review fundamentals and learn the more in-depth topics he was missing, such as computer networking and cloud security.

1. How did you discover the NJIT Cybersecurity Professional Bootcamp?

RG: I was looking for an education program and found out about the Cybersecurity Bootcamp via New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Website.

2. Did you have any experience in the technology field before enrolling?

RG: Yes, I have been working in the field of technology for over 20 years.

3. What made you choose to study cybersecurity?

RG: I’ve found that the technology industry has evolved. All information technology personnel must learn cybersecurity procedures. So, I decided to specialize in cybersecurity practices.

4. Has the accelerated pace of the program been challenging?

RG: Yes, the overall pace of the program is challenging, but it’s well-designed to cover a lot of material in a short period of time.

5. Do you know what job you want in the cybersecurity field?

RG: I didn’t enroll with a particular preference, but I am most interested in learning and working with network security.

6. What do you like about working with technology?

RG: I really enjoy resolving operational problems in [network] computing. It has been most rewarding.

7. What do you enjoy most about the NJIT Cybersecurity Professional Bootcamp?

RG: I most enjoy the sharing of technical experience and techniques used by the instructors in real-life scenarios.

8. How would you advise someone considering a career in cybersecurity?

RG: For someone new to the field, it’s important they master basic computing concepts and hands-on know-how like using [operating systems] Windows & Linux. They should prepare for serious study.

Building a Career in Cybersecurity

Raul Guevarez holds a unique perspective on the NJIT Cybersecurity Professional Bootcamp due to his two decades of experience working in the field. By emphasizing the hard work it takes to succeed in the technology field, individuals considering a career in cybersecurity see the dedication required to learn complex theories and practices. 

Based on his experience, we were able to take away a number of ideas about the program and the industry.

Determined to Enter the Field of Technology?

Raul Guevarez’s insight into the world of cybersecurity highlighted the dedication and tenacity learning advanced information technology requires. Committing to cybersecurity education and the pursuit of a career in cybersecurity can offer significant opportunities in the digital workforce. Consider an accelerated program like the New Jersey Institute of Technology Professional Bootcamp to jumpstart your career today.

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